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iClear Orthodontic Aligners, are always striving to improve the orthodontic experience for all our patients at home and abroad.

We strive to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in order to offer a wide range of effective orthodontic treatments, including iClear Aligners. If you are looking for Clear Aligners, you will not find any better place! Our orthodontists are experts when it comes to iClear treatments and our practice has made the case on a larger number, allowing us to achieve our iClear Aligners Product Provider status.

To keep up with all the latest advances in technology and our clinical experience, Dr. Edison Shimaj, Dr. Jonida Subashi, regularly attend orthodontic summits and events always following the latest achievements in digital orthodontics.

If you visit iClear you will see our entire product line and can also trust your iClear treatment, you will realize you are in trusted hands!

Which aligners are right for you?

Maybe you want your new smile in time for a special event 4-6 months from now. Or maybe timing isn’t as important as wearing your aligners only at night. Either way, we’ve got you covered.
22 hours/day
Treatment Time
6 – 12 months
Traditional Braces
24/7/ 365 days a year
Treatment Time
16 – 18 months

How it works

iClear is an invisible and highly aesthetic alternative to conventional metal braces that has revolutionized the orthodontic correction of tooth alignment. iClear uses a series of highly bio compatible transparent removable splints to correct the alignment of teeth.

iClear uses a series of bio compatible transparent and removable splints to correct the malalignments of your teeth. We at iClear use the finest material to craft the aligners, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. It is manufactured using state of the art technologies to the highest of standards so as to ensure a precise fit.

The material used for making our aligner is highly crack and wear resistant. It is odor and stain resistant. Our 3D models are printed at highest precision of 25 microns using leading edge printing technology. We use world class PET –G thermoplastic material for making our aligners.


iClear® Aligners travels with you!

When you start packing, make sure you pack the right amount of clothes, body care and other supplementary products but now being in the middle of an orthodontic treatment you also need to think about your dental care products or better say your iClear Aligners. Rather than packing only one set of Aligners you need to carefully check your treatment on our software in order to make sure you pack the right amount of Aligners’ sets. Having your next set of aligners ready to use can help minimize the stress of keeping your treatment on track.

Moreover, during your trip you should make sure to have an alternative to clean your aligners since it is very likely you will eat something at some point during your trip. In this case having a bottle of water would be the perfect idea.


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