We are iClear® Aligners

About Us

iClear Orthodontic Aligners, are always striving to improve the orthodontic experience for all our patients at home and abroad.

We strive to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in order to offer a wide range of effective orthodontic treatments, including iClear Aligners. If you are looking for Clear Aligners, you will not find any better place! Our orthodontists are experts when it comes to iClear treatments and our practice has made the case on a larger number, allowing us to achieve our iClear Aligners Product Provider status. To keep up with all the latest advances in technology and our clinical experience, Dr. Edison Shimaj, Dr. Jonida Subashi, regularly attend orthodontic summits and events always following the latest achievements in digital orthodontics.

If you visit iClear you will see our entire product line and can also trust your iClear treatment, you will realize you are in trusted hands!

Why iClear

We have been working in the field of orthodontics since 2013, marking success in more than 3000 documented clinical cases,

In February 2014 we started for the first time the production of Semi-digital Aligner treating only our patients with manual devices correcting recurrences of clinical cases. Since then, we have always been looking for the new and the perfection of our service in the field of dentistry and especially in that of orthodontics, Innovation has always been our philosophy and goal.

In July 2017, we went through everything in the digital system where 3D technology came to our aid.

Today we own a special space and a well-trained staff to diagnose, process, produce and deliver our product to the patient, or our fellow doctors with whom we have an excellent collaboration.

We currently cooperate with more than 45 dental clinics in different cities in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

We are also waiting for the CE certificate to have the opportunity of a market outside our country.

December 2018, we created our own Brand iClear Aligners®, where we already identify ourselves as serious manufacturers and providers of the invisible orthodontic iClear Aligner’s line.

2019 for the first time in the region we design a whitening device and an iClear White Ultrasonic toothbrush and iClear Brush.

iClear White®

iClear White® tooth whitener is equipped with led light which has adopted, cold light technology, combined with tooth-shaped silicone and high intensity cold light. The blue rays react with the professional whitening gel, which removes stains on the tooth surface. This piece of silicone is designed based on the principles of human oral engineering. You will feel comfortable during the teeth whitening process. When you bite the silicone, it will be in perfect size and will completely cover your teeth which is used at home by our patients treated with iClear Aligner and not only.